During the SONDAR HU-AT Project some Infosheets for the Hungarian Projectregion concerning Soil and the Soil-functions were created.

What is Soil?

Important properties and the formation of soil are explained in this Infosheet. The organic and inorganic components of the soil and the varions soils in hungary are described here.

Download: Infosheet - Soil Overview


Soils in the region " Szigetköz"

The formation and the typical Soiltypes are described in this Infosheet.

Download: Infosheet - "Szigetköz"



In this Infosheet different risks for our Soil are explained. Also some measures for reducing this risks are demonstrated.

Download: Infosheet – Soilprotection


simple Soil verification

In this Infosheet some Soil verfications are described. Necessary Gadgets and step by step guides for these Soil verifications are explained.

Download: Infosheet – Soil verification



What is compost? why composting? what can be composted?
Answeres for these and other questions and general information about composting are explained in this Infosheet.

Download: Infosheet - Compost


26. & 27.3.2014
21st Conference of the Working Community of the Danube Regions

in Tulln an der Donau (Austria)

14. - 16.5.2014
ELSA & SONDAR CZ-AT Conference

in Lednice (Czech Republic)


Bernhard Kuderer, MSc.

Soil and Energy Network of European Countries - BIENE Association

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Zoltan Füzfa

Municipality of Mosonmagyarovar

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